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The Benefits of a Pre-Approval

The Benefits of a Pre-Approval
Posted Friday May 26, 2023 in Mortgage

Purchasing a home is a significant financial decision, and one of the most critical factors is obtaining a mortgage. The process of getting a mortgage can be daunting and complex, and one of the first steps is obtaining a pre-approval. A pre-approval is essentially a lender's guarantee that they are willing to lend you a…
Tips for Selling Your Home This Summer

Tips for Selling Your Home This Summer
Posted Friday May 19, 2023 in Real Estate

Summer is one of the busiest seasons in the real estate market. With the warm weather, longer days and the school year ending, many people are eager to buy a new home or move into a bigger one. If you are looking to sell your home this summer, there are several things you should do…
Adding a Pool to Increase Home Value

Adding a Pool to Increase Home Value
Posted Friday May 12, 2023 in Real Estate

If you're considering making some upgrades to your home, adding a pool might be one of the best investments you can make. Not only does it provide a great space to relax and cool off during hot summer months, but it can also significantly increase your home's value. Here’s how building a pool can increase…
Pros and Cons of Locking Your Mortgage Rate

Pros and Cons of Locking Your Mortgage Rate
Posted Friday May 5, 2023 in Mortgage

As a prospective homebuyer or homeowner, one of the most crucial decisions you will make is locking your mortgage rate. It is a decision that can have a significant impact on your finances for years to come. This decision is even more critical now as mortgage rates have been fluctuating in recent months due to…

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